Our Team

Our philosophy is that our workers make our company, and not our products. Our dedication, diligence, and steadfast efforts make us a unique team. We derive our happiness from the knowledge that we are able to deliver our quality wines worldwide. Here we present some members of our team.

Susana Balbo
Susana Balbo President
Edgardo Del Popolo
Edgardo Del Popolo CEO
Jose Lovaglio Balbo
Jose Lovaglio Balbo Commercial Manager
Ana Lovaglio Balbo
Ana Lovaglio Balbo Marketing Manager
Carlos Hernández
Carlos Hernández Purchasing Administrator
Alberto Balbo
Alberto Balbo Human Resources Administrator
Daniela Lo Giudice
Daniela Lo Giudice Administration
Gustavo Bertagna
Gustavo Bertagna 1st Winemaker
Sebastián Gava
Sebastián Gava Winemaker
Luciano Terranova
Luciano Terranova Enology Department
Estefanía Godoy
Estefanía Godoy Lab
Mariano Galdame
Mariano Galdame Winery Staff
Pablo Moreno
Pablo Moreno Winery Staff
Carlos Carmona
Carlos Carmona Winery Staff
Mauricio Giñazu
Mauricio Giñazu Winery Staff
Sebastián Jiménez
Sebastián Jiménez Winery Staff
Exequiel Lopez
Exequiel Lopez Winery Staff
Mauro Medina
Mauro Medina Winery Staff
Jesús Arguello
Jesús Arguello Fractionation Staff
Luis Gómez
Luis Gómez Fractionation Staff
Carina Villegas
Carina Villegas Fractionation Staff
William Arce
William Arce Fractionation Staff
Arminda Barriga Vallejos
Arminda Barriga Vallejos Labeling Staff
Augusto Rodriguez
Augusto Rodriguez Fractionation Staff
Alejandro Eaton
Alejandro Eaton Vine Grower
Silvio Galdame
Silvio Galdame Vineyard Staff
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Vineyard Staff
Laura Santi
Laura Santi Production & Logistics Manager
Rubén Ríos
Rubén Ríos Logistics Staff
Fabián Grillo
Fabián Grillo Logistics Staff
Jesus Mairan
Jesus Mairan Logistics Staff
Florencia Lucero
Florencia Lucero Logistics Staff
Leonardo Villegas
Leonardo Villegas Production Staff
Miriam Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez Production Staff
Gladys Palacios
Gladys Palacios Production Staff
Raúl Aguirre
Raúl Aguirre Production Staff
Jorge Naranjo
Jorge Naranjo Production Staff
Miguel Canavese
Miguel Canavese Production Staff
Silvia Videla
Silvia Videla Production Staff
Adriana Gutierrez
Adriana Gutierrez Fractionation Staff
Carina Daguerre
Carina Daguerre Quality Management
Mercedes Peña
Mercedes Peña Cook
Griselda Peña
Griselda Peña Custodian
Lorena Miranda
Lorena Miranda Custodian
Maximiliano Luengo
Maximiliano Luengo Maintenance
Juan José Resa
Juan José Resa Comex
María de los Angeles Vazquez
María de los Angeles Vazquez Cook - Osadía de Crear
Marianela Pizzonia
Marianela Pizzonia
Mariana Barrionuevo
Mariana Barrionuevo
Nicolás Pereyra
Nicolás Pereyra