Anual Tasting – Wine Republic – BenMarco Malbec 2009 90 Pts

By Amanda Barnes for

The results are finally in! Amanda Barnes rounds up the Annual Wine Republic Tasting 2011 and reveals the results everyone is waiting to see…

Coming up with a shortlist of some of the best wines in Argentina is not an easy task. This year we went for the entire republic and wanted to show our readers some of the country’s best and most diverse wines to rightly show that Argentina is doing much more than Malbec.

We drafted up some of our favourite wines and those which we have genuinely enjoyed tasting over the last year, and consulted a few wine gurus on their top picks too. With a long list we tried to cut it down to around 70 wines with no more than six wines per varietal (we actually ended up with 72 wines, and couldn’t cut our Malbec to any less than 15!)

At the same time we put together a professional body of judges – eight of the finest wine writers, wine makers and experts. After a few months of preparation we arrived to D-Day: 23rd July. The lucky judges heroically swirled their way through 72 outstanding wines, which took around 3 hours, 12 helpers and almost 600 glasses.

After a gruelling evening of tasting, winemakers from each winery featured and members of the local press were invited to TheExecutive Hotel for a post-tasting reception where the invitees and judges could finally let their hair down and finally swallow some of the gorgeous vino.

Speaking to some of the judges after the tasting, they had all felt it had gone well were impressed with the standards of wine on display. “There was a great variety this year, we saw a great diversity in the blends too,” commented Luis Mantegini after the tasting. “I think it is clear that we can see much more of a range to Argentinean wine.”
The judges all commented that what left the biggest impression was the quality in the other varietals – proving that Argentine wine is more than just Malbec and Torrontes.