The new wine is a low-alcohol Chenin, and is part of the CRIOS line.

Susana Balbo Wines introduces a new product that follows a healthier consumption trend. It is a new member of the CRIOS family and the winery’s first Chenin wine, with the highlight of having low alcohol content. With only 9% of alcohol by volume, this wine is a fresh and light option.



I have always committed myself to innovation and to continue creating. I am truly passionate about transferring knowledge on winemaking to new products and ideas,” explains Susana Balbo. Just like Envero, a zero-alcohol grape-based beverage, CRIOS Low-Alcohol Chenin is an answer to the winemaker’s urge to introduce new products every year, which are a celebration that invites to continue discovering, inventing and transforming the limits of oenology.

“This new CRIOS, much like Envero, responds to a global trend to reduce the alcohol intake, get closer to nature, choose natural products, and look after your health”, says Ana Lovaglio Balbo, Marketing Manager at Susana Balbo Wines.

“As for CRIOS Low-Alcohol Chenin, we really liked the final product, as it’s made from a varietal that people know but the winery did not have as a pure varietal. This wine is not dealcoholized. We carried out trials in that direction but we did not like the final results”, says Ana Lovaglio Balbo. Regarding the production process, Gustavo Bertagna, the winery’s first winemaker, explains:  “Grapes were harvested earlier so the wine has lower alcohol contents. In addition, during fermentation we used selected yeasts that consume a lot of sugar and produce little alcohol”.

With this new wine, this is what the CRIOS portfolio looks like: CRIOS Malbec; CRIOS Cabernet Sauvignon; CRIOS Red Blend; CRIOS Limited Edition; CRIOS Rosé de Malbec; CRIOS Chardonnay; CRIOS Torrontés; CRIOS Naturally Sweet and the new and innovative CRIOS Low-Alcohol Chenin.