Our Crios wines have a new website!

To support the continued international growth of Crios, its young line of wines, Susana Balbo Wines recently launched a new website for the brand with the goal of staying close to its consumer community.

This website has a modern and fresh design, and provides consumers with a one-stop-shop for all information related to Crios wines.

Each of the nine wines in the Crios line carries a unique phrase that captures the identity of the wine, based on the learnings of Susana Balbo over the course of her career and the personality traits of her two children, Jose and Ana, who inspired the Crios brand.  

Each wine is also represented by a millennial ambassador who embodies the brand ideal in their everyday life. Through videos that tell the stories of these ambassadors, as well as videos about Susana’s own experience with each wine, consumers can interact with the brand and the varietals in a deeper way. 

The new Crios site will also include technical sheets, wine scores, cocktail recipes and much more.

The website has been optimized to offer a seamless digital experience across all devices, including tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, so that consumers can easily navigate and view content.

Through the new website and social networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we aim to keep our followers informed about the latest news from Crios and establish a closer connection with our community.

Click here to explore the world of Crios: http://en.criosdesusanabalbo.com.ar/