Three Susana Balbo Wines labels amongst James Suckling’s top-rated Argentine wines ever

The renowned critic included Nosotros Single Vineyard Nómade Malbec 2013 (99 pts), 2011 and 2014 (98 pts) in his list of favorites, out of 6,000 local wines tasted.

Three vintages of Nosotros Single Vineyard Nómade Malbec by Susana Balbo Wines were included in James Suckling’s “Top-rated Argentine wines to date”. The 2013 vintage scored 99 points, while 2014 and 2011 received 98, placing them amongst the highest-scoring wines from Argentina, out of approximately 6,000 samples Suckling has tasted throughout his career.

In his report, Suckling praises Argentina as “one of the world’s most exciting wine countries”, highlighting how “the energy of the winemakers and viticulturalists here has been on an exponential learning curve over recent years”. He also mentions that, out of 6,000 Argentine wines tasted, almost 5,000 have scored 90+ points, and that every wine with a score of 98 points or higher has been made from 2010 forward, which reflects “how production and knowledge has improved in recent years”.

After many years tasting Argentine wines, the critic concludes that “there has never been a better time to be making and drinking wines from this region than now”.

About Nosotros Single Vineyard Nómade Malbec 2013 (99 pts), Suckling reviewed: “The intense but more importantly, ethereally-fresh fruit takes your breath away”, adding: “So delicious now, but better in 2022 and way after that, too”.

The 2014 vintage (98 pts) was described as “Full-bodied, extremely dense and tight with a compact palate and superb fruit concentration”, while the 2011 (98 pts) was praised as “An iconic wine for Argentina”.


You can see the full wine list at James Suckling’s official website.