Susana Balbo Wines launched Envero, an alcohol-free, natural, grape-based beverage

This is the winery’s first product of this kind. Made with must and purified water, it is already available in some markets.

Susana Balbo Wines launched Envero, the winery’s first zero-alcohol drink made from grapes, which is already in the market. Envero was born as a novel alternative to enjoy the fruits of the Susana Balbo’s vineyards, and is presented in two varieties: Torrontés and Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon, both with fine bubbles.

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Envero has the complexity and unique flavors that you would expect in this winery’s wines, but alcohol-free, which makes them perfect to accompany complex or simple meals, to enjoy as an apperitif at any time, or even as a great mixer for mocktails.

Envero was created bearing some people in mind: those who like to connect with nature, who enjoy outdoor activities and who eat healthy, but who also like to eat a nice meal and try new flavors. They are also the perfect alternative for parents who want to share a healthy and tasty drink with their children, thus avoiding sodas or beverages with artificial ingredients, flavors and colors.

Susana Balbo Wines’ expertise and know-how are Envero’s great hallmark, which manages to capture the benefits and the unique flavors of the vine’s fruits in a natural beverage, made only with grapes and purified water, without alcohol.

“I have always committed myself to innovation and to continue creating, and I am truly passionate about transferring knowledge on winemaking to new products and ideas,” explains Susana Balbo. “Not only does Envero maintain many of the health benefits of grapes, but it is also made with techniques that tend to be sustainable and go back to what’s natural,” she concludes.


Some facts about Envero:

It is a natural, soft drink, without alcohol, made from grapes.
- Envero means “veraison”, the phase in which grapes start changing color, between 35 and 55 days before harvest begins.
- Envero is made entirely from must (the juice extracted from the grape) and purified water. The only preservative used is very low dosis sulfur dioxide -- almost half of what is used to make wines.
- Both varieties –Torrontés and Cabernet Sauvignon– are full of antioxidants, folic acid and vitamins C, B and K.
- One serving (100 ml / 3.38 oz) of Envero contains between 30 and 40 kcal. A whole bottle has between 100 and 140 kcal.
- It does not contain artificial colors, juice of other fruits or artificial flavors.
- It is sold in 330-mL (11 oz) bottles with crown cap.


The products

Envero Torrontés displays soft aromas of orange and tangerine peel, lychee, lemon, jasmine, and white rose petals, combined with a fizzy feeling on the palate.

Envero Cabernet Sauvignon shows soft aromas of blueberries, plums, strawberries, black tea, violets and wild cherries are combined with a fizzy feeling on the palate.


How are they made?

As soon as the veraison is over, the grapes are harvested and then pressed. The must is then cooled, naturally decanted and filtered and kept in tanks with an inert atmosphere with carbon dioxide while tests are carried out to determine the balance between sweetness and freshness. Later in the process, the must is diluted with purified water and the final product is bottled following strict hygiene and quality standards to guarantee a natural, fresh and practically preservative-free product.

Of course, as all recipes, the secret ingredient comes from the winery’s know-how, which gives a simple, non-alcoholic, grape-based soft drink the character of wines through the aromas, flavors, tannins and other qualities.


Pioneering the Argentine wine industry

Producing Envero required the creation of a new category by the INV (Spanish acronym for National Institute of Viticulture), since there was no regulation for a product like this in Argentina.

Thus, the INV issued a resolution admitting two new types of products:

- NATURAL, grape must-based beverage. 100% natural products consisting of must and water only. Envero falls into this category.
- Grape must-based beverage. Products that may contain artificial colors, other fruit juice, artificial essences, an different types of preservatives. It allows for the use of the same components that the Argentine food code allows for non-alcoholic beverages, which do not make them “natural.”