“Espacio CRIOS”: a new restaurant inspired by Susana Balbo’s New CRIOS wines
“Espacio CRIOS”: a new restaurant inspired by Susana Balbo’s New CRIOS wines
“Espacio CRIOS”: a new restaurant inspired by Susana Balbo’s New CRIOS wines

You are invited to explore the wine world through the innovative concept of CRIOS in a relaxed and inspiring place: “Espacio Crios”.

The new restaurant’s main concept revolves around CRIOS wines, which have a fruit forward, fresh style and an inspirational message that goes along with each of its varietals. These are paired with extraordinary dishes created by the chef, José Cacciavillani.

In “Espacio Crios”, you find messages like “Be brave”, “Break the rules”, “Trust in yourself” and “Look at life differently”, in between others, on boards, portraits, pillows, etc. that make the “discovering of the varietals” a fun and inspiring experience. Every dish is named after one of these phrases, and its ingredients go along perfectly with the wine they were created for and with the concept itself. Cold pasta to eat with your hands, sushi roll with unexpected ingredients and even Angus fried rings are a part of the gastronomic offer.

The menu presents a variety of finger food options and “inspired tapas” at a gourmet level but in a relaxed context. You can also find ice cream made out of wine and refreshing cocktails made with CRIOS. A lot of creativity and variety to suit every taste.

For those who are looking for an option even more relaxed and chill, “Espacio Crios” provides you with blankets and pillows to have a picnic in the beautiful winery’s garden, while enjoying the view of the vineyards and the impactful “Cordón del Plata” mountain range.

The main purpose of this new restaurant is to give to the visitors an entertaining space to those who wish to explore the CRIOS world and its different varietals, while savoring top level gastronomy in a comfortable and easy environment.

CRIOS wines represent the young line of Susana Balbo Wines and they emerged as a tribute to Susana’s children: Ana and José. Nowadays, they all work together at the family business and take a part in the creation of the wines. Therefore, CRIOS was renovated while receiving Susana’s vast experience and innovative spirit, plus the new perspective of her kids.

“Espacio Crios” is open from Wednesday to Sundays, from 11.30 AM until 06.00 PM. It’s located in 7801 Cochabamba street, in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. Reservations can be made by email at turismo@dominiodelplata.com.ar or by phone at +54 0261 4989231


About CRIOS wines

After many years, CRIOS label changed to reflect the wine’s new characteristics. This external change aimed to communicate the wine’s internal transformation.

Over the years, the winery has improved winemaking techniques as well as the selection of the origin of the grapes, currently over 70% of the grapes come from the Uco Valley. Regarding this, the label’s change also communicates CRIOS renovated wine style.

The launch began in the United States, along with a marketing strategy aimed to stimulate the interest of "Mature Millennials", these are young consumers excited to learn about different varietals and regions and also passioned by interesting and less traditional wines. CRIOS is perfect to enjoy with friends or family. It is a growing segment with more than 70 million consumers in the US of which 30% are wine frequent consumers.

CRIOS new label incorporated new key elements to make it easier for the consumers to choose a new varietal: brief descriptors on the front, tasting notes and pairing suggestions on the back, plus an inspirational message along one of Susana’s life lessons.

The wines and its messages are:

  • CRIOS Torrontés – Break the rules
  • CRIOS Rosé of Malbec – Look at life differently
  • CRIOS Malbec – Be brave
  • CRIOS Cabernet Sauvignon – Trust in yourself
  • CRIOS Red Blend – Explore something new
  • CRIOS Chardonnay – Little pleasures, great moments
  • CRIOS Pinot Noir – 1% Talent 99% Hard work
  • CRIOS Syrah-Bonarda – TeamSpirit
  • CRIOS Limited Edition – Step out of your comfort zone.