CRIOS Torrontés wins a Gold Medal at VinoSub30 competition

CRIOS Torrontés was awarded with a Gold Medal during the wine contest “VinoSub30” in November at Buenos Aires. On this event, young people from 18 to 30 years old tasted different style and varietal wines and later chose the ones who captivated them the most.

It’s the 12th edition of VinoSub30 in Argentina. On 2015, the organization brought together 26 youngsters who formed an exceptional tasting panel. The requirements to be a part of this panel were to be in between the age range and to be a wine enthusiast. This youth from all over Argentina tasted hundreds of wines after receiving a lecture on basic knowledge of tasting and technical notes filling.

The Torrontés of CRIOS was awarded with 90.40 points and a Gold Medal. This white wine is produced with half of his grapes harvested in Salta, and the other half in the Uco Valley. Besides, it belongs to Susana Balbo’s young and fresh line of wines.

CRIOS wear today a new image, along with inspirational messages matching a new target: mature millenials. CRIOS Torrontés inspires to “break the rules” to be able to create new things. Susana’s innovative spirit and particular message is appreciated with the award received at VinoSub30 by Argentinean youth.