Susana Balbo launches a new limited edition orange wine along with the new image of the Signature range

The winery founded by the "queen of Torrontés" is launching Susana Balbo Signature Limited Edition Torrontés de Raíz Naranjo –a bold and innovative wine that sets the bar for the new global trend of orange wines– along with the restyled packaging of the range.

Susana Balbo, the winery created by the first female winemaker of Argentina, introduces the most recent addition to the portfolio: the new Susana Balbo Signature Limited Edition Torrontés de Raíz Naranjo, an innovative expression of the variety that propelled Susana professionally during the early stages of her career, back in the early 1980s, in Cafayate, Salta province.

The Susana Balbo Signature Limited Edition Torrontés de Raíz Naranjo is an orange wine with a delicate color displaying coppery glints, resulting from the contact with skins for 16 days. Made in terracotta amphorae, this wine stands at the forefront of a growing global trend that aims at going back to the origins of viticulture and ancient winemaking techniques. In this regard, Gustavo Bertagna, Winemaking Manager at Susana Balbo, said: "Originally, wines were made in ceramic amphorae. What we are doing with this wine is the result of our wish to return to our origins, to the way our ancestors made wine long ago and to how this beautiful activity was born".

Susana Balbo's Signature wines are elegant, bold wines with artistic finesse. With these wines, she defies the limits of enology. They are the ultimate expression of Susana, both as a woman and as a winemaker, and they reflect her taste, her interests and her vast experience through mold-breaking flavors, aromas and textures. This orange Torrontés de Raíz, together with Susana Balbo Signature Limited Edition Paraje Altamira Malbec, is part of a limited edition of small batches within this range. The grapes for both wines are sourced from Susana's favorite vineyard, located in Paraje Altamira, in the district of La Consulta, in southern Valle de Uco, Mendoza.

These two Limited Edition wines are launched along with the the Susana Balbo Signature range new image. The new design shows a modern, elegant style that gives greater prominence to Susana's signature and the elements that distinguish these wines: courage, the art of creating without boundaries, passion for making quality wines, attention to detail and care in the terroir selection and maintenance. All these attributes are expressed throughout colors, textures, symbols and resources for each bottle to reflect the characteristics of the wine inside.

Ana Lovaglio, Marketing Manager at the winery and Susana Balbo’s daughter, stated:

"After researching the essence of Susana Balbo for almost two years, we identified four brand pillars: courage, love and commitment, quality and innovation. Then, we created a code, similar to a mandala, whose minimum expression is an unmistakable element: a heart. This heart symbolizes courage; the flame inside reflects passion; and the closing bond represents family, team and community union. These elements represent the winery and all the people working there.
Susana Balbo' Signature wines are the winery’s ultimate expression. For this reason, this code appears in the center of the new design. The essence of my mother is the essence of the winery itself, and -when talking about wine- this is expressed through the Signature range".

In addition to these two Limited Edition wines, the Susana Balbo Signature portfolio also includes Barrel Fermented Torrontés, Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, White Blend, Rosé, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Brioso, Late Harvest Malbec and Late Harvest Torrontés.