Argentina’s White Wine Revolution: excellent scores for Susana Balbo Wines in Vinous

The American online wine magazine Vinous has recently published its report on Argentine white wines and the ones produced by Susana Balbo Wines, one of the pioneering wineries in this Argentine white wine revolution, stood out with excellent scores.

Mendoza, June 2020.– Susana Balbo Wines’ white wines scored more than 90 points in the most recent Argentina report, called “Argentina’s White Wine Revolution”, published by the American media Vinous. This is the first report for this media in which the Argentine journalist Joaquín Hidalgo shares his scores. This proves once again the consistency and quality of the white wines produced by Susana Balbo Wines, the first female Argentine winemaker’s winery.

Susana Balbo Signature Brioso White Blend 2019 obtained 93 puntos, score higher than in previous reports. Regarding this particular wine, the journalist recalled that it is one of the pioneering blends of whites and that, after having tasted even the first vintage, today he can say that it is as good as ever “with a flavorsome aromatic complexity and increased emphasis on freshness.” Moreover, he described it as “a white with an intriguing, exotic profile for curious palates.”

In this report, Susana Balbo Signature Barrel Fermented Torrontés 2019 also stood out with 92 points. This is the fifth edition of this Torrontés, the first barrel-fermented one to achieve Susana Balbo’s elegance and finesse. As Hidalgo commented, “Susana Balbo has invented a new style for Torrontés” and he described this white as “everything a Torrontés wants to be when it grows up.”

Joaquín Hidalgo also tasted the white wine made by Edgardo del Popolo, BenMarco Sin Límites Chardonnay 2019, which obtained 91 points. In this Chardonnay from Gualtallary, Valle de Uco (1,350 m / 4,430 ft.), fermented and aged in French oak barrels (50% new), he highlighted its “precise texture, flavorful intensity and lengthy finish.”

Here is the full list of ratings for Susana Balbo Wines:


Susana Balbo Signature

White Blend



Susana Balbo Signature

Barrel Fermented Torrontés




Sin Límites Chardonnay





About Vinous and Joaquín Hidalgo

Vinous is one of the most important media specialized in wines in the United States. With the addition of renowned critic Stephen Tanzer in 2014, Vinous expanded coverage to all major wine regions, including Argentina.

In his September 2019 report about Argentina, Tanzer announced that it would be the last he would write about the region for Vinous and introduced Argentine winemaker and journalist Joaquín Hidalgo as his replacement to cover Argentina and Chile. Tanzer and Hidalgo met in 2006 when they were both judges for a wine guide and Stephen has been following Joaquín’s career ever since then. One of the reasons he chose Joaquín as his replacement was his taste: “I am happy to report that our assessments of wine quality – and the characteristics we look for the wines we taste – have been consistently in sync for a long time.  I can’t think of anyone better qualified to cover Argentina’s wines for Vinous,” Stephen Tanzer said.

Joaquín Hidalgo is “a widely respected and gifted taster and one of the few successful fully independent wine journalists in Argentina,” Tanzer added. Him being part of the panel of tasters for Vinous will to provide more comprehensive coverage on the region, through several articles on Argentina each year, including features on white wines and special reports on up-and-coming stars in addition to a major annual report on new releases.