The Power of Hands: CRIOS Labels Redesigned & Awarded

The new packaging reflects the quality of the wine over time, showing a classic and elegant style.

Susana Balbo Wines introduces the new image of CRIOS, our young wines that were born as an expression of Susana's love and dedication towards her children, who now work in the family winery. Crios’ redesign was awarded a bronze medal in 2019 Harper’s Design Awards.

CRIOS wines represent creation and celebrate those who dare to do and discover. The iconic seal of the hand in CRIOS is a symbol of this relationship and illustrates the hands as a powerful tool for mothers and women who create. When something is created with the hands, it has the value, accuracy and care of crafts. For this reason, this range of wines' motto is #ThePowerofHands.

“The idea is to continue showing how the winery and family are evolving,” says Ana Lovaglio Balbo, Marketing Manager of Susana Balbo Wines and Susana's youngest child. “We are convinced that the wines in this range are at their best moment in terms of quality, with 100% of the grapes sourced from Valle de Uco, and we want to reflect this with a packaging that accompanies the content, yet keeping its characteristic personality.”

The markets will see the new design on shelves as the new vintages are released. This change reflects, in a classic and elegant style, the quality of the wine over time and the generations that make it.

"Redesigning one of Susana Balbo Wines' most significant wine ranges was a great challenge," says Agustina Romero, the winery's graphic designer. “We felt that the redesign had to keep the range's essence, and its authentic and, at the time, disruptive identity. At the same time it was necessary that the packaging reflected and accompanied the evolution and maturation that these wines have achieved. The most emblematic graphic elements have been maintained: the brand, the stripe-textured background, the icon of the hands. However, the design now shows a classic label, with a range of neutral colors with subtle hues that help tell the varieties apart. The use of stamping takes one step further from the previous design by premiumizing the packaging as a whole and by highlighting its elegance. The result is a solid design, reflecting the quality with which these wines reach out to consumers.”