Susana Balbo Wines celebrated 20 years of history

Susana Balbo, the first female winemaker from Argentina, along with her family welcomed 250 guests in the winery located in Agrelo, Mendoza, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of a dream come true.

On December 7, 2019 Susana Balbo celebrated with her children José and Ana Lovaglio the 20th anniversary of the family business. The celebration took place at the Susana Balbo Wines winery, located in Agrelo, Mendoza. Guests came from Argentina and abroad, and they were family members, friends, colleagues and all those who trusted the company and its vision back in 1999 and those who continue to do so today.

The family received their guests during the evening and welcomed them to enjoy the sunset surrounded by vineyards and framed by the Andes mountain range on the horizon. In Ana Lovaglio's words, “we are here to honor everyone who has been and still is by our side for the past 20 years. As my mother's daughter and a family member of this company, I can say I am truly proud of my mother, my family and our entire team in equal amounts.”

One of the main attractions of the night was the large wine table that worked as a timeline of the history of Susana Balbo Wines. The journey included wines from the 2019 harvest, the most recent one, and went all the way back to 1999. It was a real time travel, with one wine for each year, which included some of the attendee’s favourites: Nosotros Single Vineyard Nómade Malbec, Susana Balbo Signature Brioso and BenMarco Expresivo. Of course, the winery's iconic whites and rosés did not go unnoticed; neither did the most recent product launched: Envero, a non-alcoholic, natural beverage made out of grapes.

While the sun was setting, the speeches started and the glasses were risen for a toast. The opening words were Edgardo Del Pópolo's, general manager of the winery, who recalled Susana's career and achievements, and finished his speech with a highly applauded phrase: “Every wine region in the world has a woman. We have Susana Balbo.”

A commemorative video followed Edy's warm words and gave twenty reasons to celebrate. Through photos and interviews, the video traced the story of Susana Balbo Wines in a very emotional way, including messages from the family and the team of the Argentine winemaker. 

Then Susana Balbo herself took the floor and gave a heartfelt speech in which she expressed her gratitude for everyone who has been by her side to make her dream of having her own winery come true: “Today I know where all that energy came from. It came from the love of all the people around me. From all the people who have supported me with their unconditional affection. From this wonderful team who has walked with me from the beginning.” In addition, Susana showed her gratitude for her roots, which guided her the way: “I am thankful to the family I got and to my parents. To my mother, who taught me to work restlessly, and to my father, who taught me to dream. He would have been very proud to see how far I have made it. And I am specially grateful to my Mendoza, the land that has given me this energy, these mountains that protect us. And I thank God for all the friends who accompany me.”

The evening ended with live music by the Sparkling Big Band, who seduced everyone with their jazz covers and even encouraged some to dance. José Lovaglio also showed his gratitude: “I want to thank everyone here for joining us on this special date for us.”

The winery carried out a designated driver action. Those who passed the breathalyzer control won a prize to take back home. The initiative sought to raise awareness about responsible drinking and was very well received by many attendees.