Susana Balbo re-launches Crios her family wine

Award winning Argentine winemaker, Susana Balbo, celebrates her son and daughter's role in family winery by re-introducing Crios, her original tribute wine to her children, with new range from the Uco Valley

Susana Balbo has helped drive the quality and reputation of Argentine wine around the world over the last 15 years. 

The country’s first female winemaker started making wine in 1981 and has been proud to break the rules and lead innovations in Argentine winemaking ever since.

But it is with Susana Balbo Wines, made at the Dominio del Plata winery in Mendoza since 1999, that she really made her name as one of the world’s leading female winemakers.


Crios – a tribute to Susana’s children

Susana wanted to create a family winery that could be enjoyed and passed down through the generations. 

This family spirit lives and breathes with her Crios wine range. Crios in Spanish means “offspring” and was created in 2001 as a tribute to her son, José, and daughter, Ana.

The wines, like her children, were full of energy, complexity and future potential. That message of motherhood, family and childhood perfectly illustrated with three overlapping hands on the label. 

Both José and Ana have now grown up to become an integral part of the family’s winery. José as a key member of the winemaking team and Ana in charge of marketing, and communications. 


Crios: re-launched for the next generation

It is, therefore, perfectly in keeping the Crios brand should mature in step with José and Ana’s own life and careers. 

When the Crios brand was first introduced Susana ran a declassification system and only used her reserve quality wines in her Signature wines. The more youthful, rich fruit grapes went to her “offspring” Crios wines.

The new Crios range has been developed as a primary wine in its own right. A wine, like its core consumers, that has grown up to develop an identity of its own.

To help achieve that, Susana, from the 2014 Crios vintage, switched to a regional winemaking approach taking the majority of grapes from the icon micro wine region of the Uco Valley. 


A family brand

At the heart of the new Crios range remains its inspiration. Its creator. Its mother. Susana Balbo.

Her spirit of innovative winemaking is celebrated in a ‘vintage, modern" label design.

Each wine carries an inspirational message that also represents either a milestone in Susana’s personal and professional life or the story about how the wine was made.

For example, the CriosMalbec carries the message “Be Brave”. The Torrontés challenges consumers to “Break the Rules” or “Look at Life Differently” to signify its Rosé of Malbec variety. 

Importantly the new wine labels are easy to understand with messages that engage with busy shoppers, says Ana. Each one also includes a food pairing suggestion. 

But Crios still represents the togetherness of the Balbo family, encapsulated in the hand motif on the label.

They are wines that offer reassurance, made by a family committed to offering quality and value to their consumers.


Susana’s wine family

Susana’s wine family also includes her flagship Signature Series and BenMarco brand. The Signature wines are made from the winery’s highest quality grapes.