Susana Balbo presents the 2017 harvest of Susana Balbo Signature Rosé from Uco Valley with glass cork

Susana Balbo Wines, the winery led by Argentina’s first female winemaker and distinguished for its consistent innovation and adoption of new technology, presents the second harvest of Susana Balbo Signature “Uco Valley Rose” with a glass closure.

“We are the first winery in South America to adopt this type of cork. In Europe and the United States, there are many wineries using them, especially in Germany. We are a business focused on delivering quality and value, and we achieve this through every small detail”, explains Ana Lovaglio, Marketing Manager for the winery.

“There are many benefits of this new closure, and the most important for us is always the quality of the wine. Our Signature Rose is one of the most premium rose wines in Argentina and we want to reflect that in every sense, including through elegant packaging. We bottle this wine using imported bottles, with mouths that can only be closed using a cork. Since a natural cork allows the wine to evolve in the bottle, and this is not ideal for a rose which we want to maintain fresh, we had the idea to innovate with a glass cork. This closure is not only creative and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also made from a clean, pure and inert material which guarantees a stable evolution in the bottle and eliminates the risk of cork taint. The minimal impact of oxygen also maintains the perfection of the aromas and expression of terroir. At the same time, the ceremony of opening each bottle is simple, lively and sophisticated”, added the young executive, who is the daughter of Susana Balbo.

From the elaboration of classic varietals to daring new blends, the Signature line is where Susana Balbo pushes the limits of winemaking, and represents her maximum expression as a winemaker, artist, and woman. The Susana Balbo Signature “Uco Valley Rose” 2017 is elaborated in the style of Provence, where winemaking teams use techniques similar to those used in white wines. Early harvest and a delicate press yield a soft pink color reminiscent of salmon or red onion peel. Its varietal composition is 60% Malbec and 40% Pinot Noir, fermented together. It is a fresh, citric and mineral wine, with sweet aromas of red fruits and a seductive pink tint.