Susana Balbo Wines wins TDB Best Contribution to Wine & Spirits Tourism

Susana Balbo Wines received The Drinks Business 2018 award in tourism. Each year, the international publication distinguishes those who made the “Best Contribution to Wine & Spirits Tourism”. After being a runner up in 2016, the winery got this year’s title.

In the latest edition of the award, Susana Balbo Wines was praised for creating a travel experience that is “a tourism of the senses as well as the terroir.” Osadia de Crear –one of the winery’s restaurants- now offers two gourmet tasting menus, designed by renown chef Hernan Gipponi. The 5 and 3 course menus take diners on a culinary journey across Argentina while introducing its terroirs through pairings with our Susana Balbo Signature and Benmarco lines.


The Drinks Business also applauded the “community-driven tourist offering which steeps you in Argentina’s vinicultural history (…) Whether or not you choose to dine in the restaurant at this winery, its tours offer the opportunity to discover the best of Argentina’s typical varietal wines through thematic tastings which enhance their true potential. Alongside this, support from the local community makes this a truly authentic experience. The winery and wines themselves regularly receive accolades in Argentina and beyond, and our judges said its appeal is ‘clear and irresistable’.” 


Susana Balbo Wines opened its doors for tourism in 2013 and, since then, it has inaugurated two restaurants and increased its tourist offerings in creative and innovative ways. The numbers of visitors has consistently grown over the last 5 years, reaching 13.000 people in 2017.