Susana Balbo Wines introduces its fully renovated restaurant Osadia de Crear

Osadía de Crear, the initial gastronomic endeavor of Susana Balbo Wines, has unveiled its new space. After undergoing a complete renovation, the restaurant was inaugurated with an exclusive event for tourist agencies last Saturday, February 11th. The winery also introduced its new gastronomic offering, which was developed in consultation with the renown Chef Hernán Gipponi starting in late 2016.

The renovation included a redesign and refurbishment of the main dining room, new bathrooms and a larger kitchen to facilitate improved meal service. Osadía de Crear was an idea initiated by Ana Lovaglio, the daughter of Susana Balbo. As the restaurant proved itself in the market following its opening in 2013, Ana decided it was time to invest in improvements to support continued growth and exceptional service.   

Located on the premises of the winery, the restaurant since its inception has offered a unique and innovative experience, positioning itself among the best gastronomic destinations in Mendoza.   “Our intention is that our visitors feel that they’re investing not just in our food and service, but also in the experience of the landscape, the gardens, and our impeccable grounds. That is, to provide a unique and special experience through each detail of their visit”, explained Ana Lovaglio.

According to Alejo Pizarro, the architect behind the project, “the intention was to adapt the interior of the restaurant to the level of the wines that it serves. We wanted to create a larger, more comfortable environment, a formal and high quality space that reinforces its relationship with the wines.”

The new Osadía de Crear consists of a refined architectural space that exists in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Through the roofs and walls made from recycled oak, the large windows that offer views of the impressive Cordon del Plata mountain range, the lake and the vines that surround the winery, the use of natural light, and the comfortable and understated furnishings, the restaurant offers the sensation of a comfortable and quality homestay.

From the dining room, a staircase winds down to the cellar where hundreds of wines decorate the walls. The cellar is equipped with rustic tables and chairs for guided tastings, and also includes a gift shop.

The gardens that surround the restaurant, which are carefully maintained for use by the chefs, attract the attention of adults and children alike. Children can also enjoy a playground located on the grounds.

Cocina de productos y productores

Recently, both Osadía de Crear and Espacio Crios (the winery’s second gastronomic enterprise) updated their menus through a collaboration with the renown Chef Hernán Gipponi. Gipponi counts Bérgamo, Bilbao and Valencia among the cities where he lived and learned as an apprentice to celebrated local chefs such as Josean Martínez Alija (Guggenheim Museum), Quique Dacosta (El Poblet) and Martín Berasategui. When he returned to Argentina, he brought a large repertoire of knowledge, flavors, and textures that he learned to adapt and fuse with local culinary tradition.   

In 2015, Hernán was recognized as “Best Chef” by the Argentine Academy of Gastronomy.

Osadía de Crear offers two annual menus (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter), with an update in the middle of each to introduce the coming season. Each menu highlights local, seasonal ingredients and reflects the origins and travels of Hernan, the traditions of Mendocinian cooking,  and the evolution of regional cuisine through the influence of immigrants.

In each new dish, Gipponi highlights a range of products from regional and Argentine producers, creating meals inspired by the landscape and natural environment surrounding the winery, and illustrative of the region’s people and historical legacy.

 “Osadía de Crear continues to be one of the few winery restaurants that offers both 3-4 course menus and a la carte options”, explained Ana Lovaglio, the inspiration behind the restaurant. “We offer a high quality gastronomy, but one that is simple and focused on the quality of the product, with original touches. Now, thanks to this renovation, it can be enjoyed in a first class space”.