Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our inception, we have supported our employees and their families for both personal and professional growth in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility. The positive results achieved within our company through this philanthropic mindset motivated us to create similar opportunities for members of the surrounding community. In 2010, we established the Dominio del Plata Foundation, which focuses on the financial and social progress of the town of Agrelo.

Mission Statement

We believe that education, health, and sports are key tools for generating equal opportunities for children. Therefore, we strive to instill the importance of proper healthcare, education, and teamwork in our youths. 


Our vision is that Agrelo will become a town with many opportunities for its residents, and will transform into a destination for families to settle and develop.

 Our management model is designed to provide the tools and knowledge to the community to organize autonomously in order to meet their own needs. Also, we strive to have the members of the community be the guardians of the natural resources and environment on which they rely.



Our objectives are divided into three main categories: Education, Sports and Community Development.


Some of the actions currently being carried out for the benefit of the community Agrelo are:


- We provide financial support for the youth soccer team "EFI AGRELO "


- We give scholarships and financial aid to students of all ages.

- We provide aid and equipment to local schools in order to enhance the learning experience of the children.

- We provide toys and materials to local nursery schools.


- We supplement the nutrition of the families of our employees with carefully chosen food.

- The company ensures weekly medical care is available to our employees and their families. We also provide preventative medicine in the form of vaccines.

- We offer hygiene and safety training.    

Long term goals


Since we regard childhood education as the foundation of a healthy and productive society, we have plans to build nursery schools and daycare centers in Agrelo. Also, we have our sights set on founding a university in Agrelo dedicated to the crafts of agriculture and viticulture, as those are the main sources of jobs in the town. Why not?

Community development 

The ultimate goal is for the people of Agrelo to have the resources and skills to operate autonomously, and be able to provide skilled labor and services to the surrounding businesses.


Currently, the soccer program in town has children of all ages and sizes practicing together. Our goal is to have a more structured program, and have age divisions. Also, we would like to start a young adults league as well, as the lessons in sportsmanship and hard work learned from soccer will lead to an Agrelo with model citizens.

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