Osadía de Crear Restó & Wines

Osadía de Crear Restó & Wines

Susana Balbo Wines offers two different gastronomic lunch experiences. 

On one hand, there is "Osadia de Crear" designed for those who want to enjoy a menu that includes gourmet products from local producers, representing Argentine and regional flavors, inspired by the landscape and natural beauty that surround the winery.

On the other hand, Espacio Crios is a gourmet finger food option to enjoy on the table, sofas or as a picnic in the winery gardens, in a very relaxed environment.

The winery also offers hospitality services for private groups or companies which include meetings and lunches. Catering is always provided by our chef. (Option only available with previous reservation).

Contact us: turismo@sbwines.com.ar I Phone: +54 261 4 989231.

Osadia de Crear 

In our restaurant "Osadía de Crear" we cater to all palates. We offer a gourmet menu in our dining room for a one of a kind gastronomic experience. You can choose to have an "a la carte" lunch or you can choose our specially designed Paired Menus to taste Susana Balbo's wines. 

Osadía de Crear offers two gourmet tasting menus, designed by renown chef Hernan Gipponi. The 5 course "Argentina from the mountains to the sea" and the 3 course "Kilometer 0" menus take diners on a culinary journey across Argentina while introducing its terroirs through pairings with our Susana Balbo Signature and Benmarco lines.

“Osadía” in spanish means daring, challenge, audaciousness …. “Osadía de Crear” for us is the “daring to create”, to create something new, something from scratch with the aim to innovate every day in the offer, always keeping in mind regional elements as the basement for our cuisine and price and quality as the focus. We want to stand out in our offer due to simplicity, flexibility and quality.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday
Kitchen hours : 12.30 hs. to 15 hs.

Our restaurant belongs now to Wine Pathsthe new international platform dedicated to provide the best wine, spirits and gourmet addresses in vineyards worldwide. Find out here more about Osadía de Crear and its proposal.


Espacio Crios

Espacio Crios offers an innovative experience, both casual and entertaining, to its visitors. It is inspired by the winery’s Crios branded wines, a brand developed by Susana and her two children, José and Ana. Creative sandwiches, wine cocktails or simply wine by the glass, paired with the dazzling view of the Andes; all of it creates a unique and special experience in a relaxed environment. It is a space to share sensations, moments, and emotions. 

The menu presents a variety of finger food options, delicious sandwiches, and salads at a gourmet level but in a relaxed context. You can also find ice cream made out of wine and refreshing cocktails made with CRIOS. A lot of creativity and variety to suit every taste.

“Espacio Crios” also provides you with blankets and pillows for you to soak up the Mendocinian sun and have a picnic in the beautiful winery’s gardens.

Opening days: Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays
Kitchen hours : 12.00 hs. to 15.30 hs.

Pardon! We are currently working to improve our online reservation system. If you would like to make a reservation to visit the winery or eat in our restaurants, please email turismo@sbwines.com.ar or call +54 0261 4989231.

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